Who Needs the Drama?

From the Pastor…        Who Needs the Drama?


When you turn your life over to God, you don’t give up the drama; you give up the cheap drama. — Marianne Williamson


Drama involves conflict, and almost every story ever written involves conflict; otherwise, it’s usually not thought to be interesting or engaging.  Drama can be entertaining, fun, and exciting, but too much of it wears you out, especially when it comes to personal relationships.


We all know people who are constant dramatists.  Everything is a problem; everything is a conflict.  After a while, Drama Queens (or Kings) get on our nerves.  Very often, people are dramatic because they need attention, and drama is their way of getting it.  But others find themselves avoiding overly dramatic people, or we tolerate them, or we simply write them off.  It may not be possible to change a Drama Queen, but we can certainly avoid being one.


As Williamson accurately points out in the above quote, living for God involves drama… important drama.  Jesus warns us that following Him puts us in direct conflict with the world.  Resistance to righteous living can be drastic, intense.  Yes, to follow Jesus is to venture into drama.


It’s the cheap drama that can be set aside.  Who needs cheap drama?  Why do I have to own it?  What good does it do?  What difference does it make? – You and I ask such questions and make such decisions every day.  We do well not to feed or pay attention to cheap drama in a families, a workplace, a community, or even a church. – What drama do you need to let go of today?



                                          God’s best to you,