When You Can’t Take Any More  

From the Pastor…   When You Can’t Take Any More  


I don’t know how, at an age when you’re trying to put your identity together, how you cope with the pressure of a performance space, which is what social media is. — Charlie Brooker

I must confess that I don’t pay attention to the British royals, and I don’t understand the interest many people take in them.  What’s the point or pleasure? – But I do sympathize with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan and their desire to escape the vicious scrutiny and criticism of the British press.  Why do the tabloids pick on them so?  Why should they have to endure such abuse?


We should admire a man who works to protect his wife and family. Harry and Meghan want to get out from under the pressure of public life?  Good for them!  Leave them alone. – I feel that way about all celebrities.  Let them live their own lives without the intrusion of prying eyes and constant criticism.  What business is it of ours?  Don’t we value our own privacy?  Why should they not enjoy the same?


Jesus had a very public presence and ministry.  He endured withering criticism.  He was convicted in a kangaroo court under false charges.  Hey, that’s what the world dishes up to a good person who threatens the status quo of a corrupt world. – We need not participate in judgmental attacks on others, no matter who right we think we are in attacking others for their attitudes or opinions.


Our presence on social media should be kind, gracious, accepting, and, well, Christ-like.  Anything less dishonors our Lord, don’t you think?



                 God’s best to you today,