What You Feel Inside

From the Pastor…       What You Feel Inside    

What you feel inside reflects on your face.

So be happy and positive all the time. — Sridevi

Have to ever kept smiling even though you felt like crying?  Sure, all of us have some time or another have smiled and laughed to hide our disappointment.  We faked agreement when we actually disapproved.  Yes, in many ways we are all actors – some are just better at it than others.

Personal encounters matter more than indirect communications because we are adept at reading facial expressions and body language, which often display someone’s true thoughts or feelings.  That’s why we often benefit more from face-to-face meetings rather than the limitations of emails, texts, or letters.

In the quote above Sridevi is not advising us to mask our true feelings.  Rather he encourages us to BE happy and positive on the inside so that what we express with our facial features is genuinely happy and positive. 

Jesus would agree: “Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  He may well have added: and the face shows it.  Jesus didn’t come simply to change our actions; that would be superficial change.  He came to change our hearts, which leads to full, authentic change for God’s good.  He spoke to the heart because everything we say and do is the product of our emotions and feelings.  We need to get that right first… otherwise, we are probably faking it.

How is your heart today?  Look in the mirror to find out.

                          God’s best to you,