What about Rudeness?

From the Pastor…     What About Rudeness?


Rudeness is a weak imitation of strength. – Eric Hoffer


I’d have to say that I encounter very little rudeness day-to-day. Most folks I meet are polite and courteous. I guess that’s why we notice rudeness when we see it and why it’s so offensive. It is hurtful and unnecessarily painful. Doubtless, people in service industries encounter more than their share of rudeness, and that is not fun.


Would Jesus be rude? – He could be quite blunt and direct, and some things He said did seem rude… but, no, He would not hurt or offend. And neither should the followers of Jesus inflict hurt. Yes, we might do such unintentionally, but then we are quick to apologize.  Everyone has a bad day.


Rude words and actions arise out of weakness, not strength. To be strong in the Spirit is to be gentle and careful in what we do and say. More important than not being rude is how we react to it.  To return rude words simply creates more rudeness, doesn’t it? And the situation deteriorates with each rude reply.


Jesus says to turn the other cheek. Let rudeness died with the rude one.  Don’t give it more life through retaliation. – Jesus is smart, don’t you think?


             God’s best to you today,