The Solution to Gun Violence

From the Pastor…    The Solution to Gun Violence

There is a big debate going on about gun violence.  It’s a problem, for sure, but the cry to do something rings hollow since the first question is… “Do what?” – Would restricting ownership of certain weapons be effective?  Would universal background checks or gun registration help?  Would eliminating guns entirely curtail killings? – These questions can be debated pro and con endlessly.  But we know that even if there were no firearms, evil people would still hurt others with bombs, knives, hammers, motor vehicles, and fists.


Actually, the solution to ALL violence is in the Bible in many places but well summarized in Paul’s letter to the Colossians, chapter 3.  Read verses 5-17 and imagine if everyone held such attitudes and acted in the manner described.  There would be no abuse, murders, robberies, assaults, or even angry, hurtful, vicious language… because when hearts are right, actions are right.  Sounds like heaven because it IS heaven.  No evil exists there and God is outraged when it happens on earth!


Yes, the solution to gun violence (all violence) is found in God’s revelation in Jesus Christ.  And if we are God’s people, we must bring that solution to our community… and not be timid about doing so.  Let’s not only LIVE Colossians 3, let’s advocate that everyone else live it, too.



                          God’s best to you,