The Friar’s Fragment

One of the essential ministries of the church is to help its members set their spiritual gifts free. There is a wide variety of gifts within the church, and a part of the charge which the church has is to help set these gifts free in people. How are we going to run the church? The church should function today the same way that our Lord intended it to be run when he founded it–by the gifts of those who are his disciples. As each Christian contributes his or her gifts in ministry to our Lord, the work of the church will be accomplished. This will be my focus on this Sunday’s sermon. Every church member has some gift or gifts that can be used in the ministry of Christ.

Well, you say, “I can’t come to church right now because of the pandemic.” You can still exercise your gifts at home—through a card, note, email, or call to someone who needs a word of encouragement, comfort from grief or illness, loneliness, or something else. You can pray for your deacons, church ministers, the Transition Team, the Pastor Search Team, or others you know who have special needs. Read the Scriptures about spiritual gifts and reflect on those you have or want to explore. Look especially at Ephesians 4: 7-12 and 1 Corinthians 12: 1-13. I will remember you in my prayers and ask for your prayers.

Bill Tuck
Interim Pastor