Still Learning?

From the Pastor        Still Learning?    

I’m open for possibilities.  I’m open for choices.  I always welcome new ideas.  I’m always eager to learn.  I’m never going to close my mind from learning. — Cesar Millan

What’s your attitude toward learning?  Did you stop learning long ago?  Do you only learn what you have to?  Or, like Millan, do you eagerly soak up all the learning you can?

Do you close your mind to new ideas?  If so, why?  What prompted you to latch onto the ideas you hold now so as to exclude all others? – A CLOSED mind is a sad situation… and often a dangerous one. – On the other hand, some people can have a mind so OPEN that nothing sticks around… everything just passes through.  That is sad and silly as well. 

Have you ever been told about something/someone and wondered why you needed to bother to know about it/them?  Then later, what you learned about that topic or person turned out to be very useful in some way.  Perhaps God knows how to give us what we need, even if we don’t know we need it.

Everybody needs to keep learning.  Everybody CAN keep learning, no matter how old you are.  God gave us minds to use, and we are accountable to God for using them. – Read books, magazines, newspapers, journals, or whatever you can.  Don’t just stick with subjects you know or enjoy. I believe we will continue to learn in Heaven because the more we know, the more we participate in God’s creation.

                          God’s best to you,