Spontaneous, Rigid, or Flexible?

From the Pastor…        Spontaneous, Rigid, or Flexible?


Spontaneity, the hallmark of childhood, is well worth cultivating to counteract the rigidity that may otherwise set in as we grow older. — Gail Sheehy

So where would you fall on the spontaneity to rigidity spectrum?  Are you the type who is ready to roll with whatever, whenever?  Or are you set in your ways and unwilling to deviate from the plan or schedule?  Perhaps you are somewhere in between: sometimes spontaneous and sometimes rigid.  I think it’s best to be flexible.


Yes, it’s good to make plans; but when the plans get foiled or circumstances change, isn’t it good to take another route?  People don’t always respond the way we thought they would (or should), so do we get absolutely derailed and enraged, or do we give a shrug and go about things differently?  Life will anger and frustrate very rigid people.  Purely spontaneous folks are unlikely to be very productive.  It’s good to be flexible.


Of course, spontaneous people are good at seizing the opportunity and living in the moment.  Rigid folks can miss a lot of fun and blessings simply because it didn’t fit into their plans.


I think Jesus had plans as he traveled from place to place.  Yet, how many times was he interrupted?  Plenty!  And he stopped what he was doing so he could heal, help, or teach whoever life brought his way.  Jesus was sensitive to the needs of others and he wouldn’t let an agenda stop him from meeting needs.  Should we?


Hey, Spontaneous People, get a plan!  Hey, Rigid People, loosen up!  Let’s all be flexible, like Jesus, and we will be better set to do God’s will.



                 God’s best to you today,