Share Your Story II

From the Pastor…    Share Your Story II


Never underestimate the power of anyone’s story… anyone’s life. — Abby Johnson

Years ago, I was asked to go to the airport to pick up one of the main speakers for a conference being held in town. He was a published author of self-improvement principles with a significant national ministry of books, videos, and seminars.  On the way to the hotel, he asked about me and seemed quite interested in knowing what was going on in my life.  He wasn’t intrusive at all, just honestly interested in learning from another person.


At the dinner that evening, I heard him ask someone else: “What’s your story?”  That was what he basically asked me earlier, and he was equally attentive to what the person at the table shared.  I am sure he learned a lot from such active listening.  You and I should be such good listener/learners.


Everyone has a story.  YOU have a story.  You may not deem it extraordinary or even very interesting, but it is significant because it is your unique story.  Every story is actually God’s story, since He created us with a purpose and has been blessing us all along the way.


And if you believe in and follow Jesus, you have a REAL story to share with others.  Even if seems ordinary and mundane, it’s not.  Life is an amazingly complex miracle; a truth that will be obvious to us in the next life when we clearly understand how God worked in our lives in amazing ways. – And your story is the most effective witness to God’s love in Christ.  So, share it.  Others will benefit from it; perhaps in small ways, perhaps in big ways.


I think the way I love talking about my faith is through my story because I think that’s all we have to work with sometimes.  I think it’s the most moving way to share your story, too – is what you know, what you’ve seen and heard and tasted and felt. — Mat Kearney



                          God’s best to you,