10.17.21 The Way, The Truth, & The Life

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“The Great: I AM” – The Way, The Truth, & The Life

John 14:5-14


Jesus is the Way, The Truth, And the Life

1.  Jesus is the way that leads to the Father.

Early Christians were called followers of The Way.

Many religions have “Ways.” Christianity teaches our way is a person.

Jesus is God’s one word, embodied, made flesh.

What Jesus teaches is not a path you can learn from him, and then go on your

way alone.

He says he himself is the way.


2.  He leads us to truth.

The Christian is free to be humble: because we know we didn’t discover the truth.

To know what God is like, we look at who Jesus is and what he does.

“The disciples must learn what it means to ‘follow’ the crucified and risen Lord, but it is the same Lord that they follow [even then].”

– Marianne Meye Thompson

3.  In him we enjoy life. We ask, we pray, and we receive in his name.

In Jesus’ name- Something part of the mission Jesus gave his followers.

Taking Jesus’ name in vain- take something we like, want, or value, and saying it’s what God wants or commands.

God is gracious to give what we need to do his will. BUT God is not something we discover on our own, we define, or we control.

Jesus is the way.

Not anything we might add,

Even if those things are good things!


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