Robocalls and Scams    

From the Pastor…     Robocalls and Scams    


Spoofed robocalls are often used by fraudsters to lure consumers into scams and avoid detection. — Ajit Pai

If you have a landline home phone, do you answer it? Probably not, unless your caller ID shows a name you know or a number you are familiar with.  So, why have many folks stopped answering their phones? – Because of robocalls and scams, which are too numerous to count.  And now cell phones are assaulted with them, too. – Can you say annoying?


Con jobs and flimflams have been around as long as there has been money and possessions.  Stealing has simply gone high-tech, causing great harm to its victims.  We have become wary with good reason.


An extreme reaction would be to trust no one.  That’s not possible, nor is it in our best interests.  A trusted family member or friend is a true blessing.  To be worthy of another’s complete trust is an attribute pleasing to God.  After all, God can always be counted on and trusted.  He is never out to hurt us or rip us off.  Whenever bad happens to us in life, we can be assured that the culprit is something or someone other than God.


When God calls, pick up the phone… at the other end of the line is a loving friend.



                 God’s best to you today,