Puzzled? Disoriented?

From the Pastor…     Puzzled? Disoriented?


I’m really thankful for every experience I’ve had, even the ones that were puzzling or disorienting, because they taught me so much. — Tavi Gevinson

Have you ever been puzzled? Disoriented?  Sure, you have. No one goes through life fully understanding what is happening in every circumstance.  Some things are just hard to understand… confusing. – But what do you remember about such times?  More than likely, you learned a lesson, gained an insight, or came to a deeper understanding of yourself.


I think God made life precarious for a reason. No, God doesn’t inflict us with trouble or disruptive pains.  Living in a free-will world where trouble comes to the good people as well as bad ones provides one with a share of difficulties.  A trouble-free existence would be dull, meaningless, and even boring.  And we wouldn’t learn a thing! – The old adage is true: We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.


So, when you wonder: “Why am I going through this?”, just know that there is a greater purpose and greater good to be found at the end of the process.  It may not be understood until we get to the end of life, or even to the other side, heaven.  Life is a puzzle and we constantly try to make its pieces fit.  No one sees the whole picture except God, and He is always on your side working for your good.


How reassuring!


                              God’s best to you today,