Open the Door?

From the Pastor…  Open the Door?


The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. — Emily Dickinson

Have you ever had an ecstatic experience?  Surely everyone has.  What made you ecstatic?  The birth of a child or grandchild?  Getting your dream job?  Completing a project successfully? Finding true love? – Ecstasy is a wonderful feeling, but it doesn’t happen every day.  And it’s a personal experience as well, since people value and enjoy very different things along the way.


The poet Dickinson advises us to keep the door to our souls open to experiences that will allow our spirits to soar.  Good advice, madam.  Too often we close our souls (and minds) to outside interference.  It’s a defensive posture.  Opening oneself to new levels of spiritual reality is scary, since we never know how it will affect us.  Better to stick with what I think, know, and feel right now. – Such thinking is safe, but sad.


Jesus knows you keep the door of your soul shut.  In Revelation 3:20, he tells us that he is knocking on the door, and if you will simply open the door and let him in, you will have an ecstatic experience with the God of the Universe! – How will that feel for your life?  I have no idea. – Why not open the door to find out?


             God’s best to you today,