Moving Forward

From the Pastor…              Moving Forward  



I am delighted that we can resume getting together for worship! Yes, it’s wise to refrain from handshakes and hugs, etc., but just being in the same room (even with face masks, if desired) will be a pleasure. – I have missed you!


These past Sundays have been weird.  Instead of arriving at church between 7:30 and 8:00 am to prepare for the events of the morning, I have been at home. That definitely did not feel right.


I am proud of the great way you have maintained steady support of your church ministry through faithful giving the past two months.  Well done!  Every church should be as blessed with strong faith-giving the way we are!


We must continue to pray for those who have dealt with the loss of loved ones because of the virus throughout the world, and for those in financial stress because of job losses.


But for every sickness of body, mind, heart, or soul, God has a cure. His grace is sufficient in all our needs, large or small.  And that is something we can always count on… and celebrate.


If you feel comfortable attending this Sunday, I look forward to seeing you and to sharing some more perspectives as we enter a time of transition in pastoral leadership.