Look Up!

From the Pastor…   Look Up!


I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward. — Charlotte Bronte

There are two big mistakes to be made in life… always looking back to the past… and always looking ahead to the future.  It’s so easy to do one or the other, or even both. Usually, we are searching for an ideal existence; so, we idealize the past and linger in memories of the good old days.  Or we idealize the future and think: Gee, it’s going to be much better than today!


If we aren’t idealizing the past or future, we are probably regretting the past or fearing the future.  Either impulse is a waste of time.  Neither the past nor the future exist, of course, but that doesn’t prevent us from trying to live there. – What to do?


Bronte has it right: don’t look forward or backward, LOOK UP to God today!  Strive to live His ideals.  The good news Jesus brings is that God liberates us from the past… your sins are forgiven.  God lets go of our mistakes, so we can, too.  God also assures us that the future will be the ideals of Revelation 21… no more crying, pain, fear, or death.  God says, “Hey, I got this!  Don’t worry about it.”


So, what are you doing today?  Living in the past?  Living for the future?  STOP and LOOK UP with faith, hope, and trust.  Today is of higher quality when we do that.


                              God’s best to you TODAY,