Life has an Act II

From the Pastor      Life has an Act II


Easter is very important to me, it’s a second chance. — Reba McEntire

So, when you die, is that itOr is there a second act?  I don’t know of a culture or religion (other than the insanity of atheism) that doesn’t believe there is more to human existence than the material world we inhabit now.  It seems a hard-wired, instinctive sense we possess that there must be more.


Jesus of Nazareth claimed that He is the way… to what?  The truth and the LIFE.  Was he some kind of nut?  Actually, no. — Need proof?  He died, as all humans die, and then rose from the dead.  What clearer sign could there be that we exist beyond the day of our death?  That is what Easter is all about: Jesus’ resurrection is a sneak preview to the second act of our existence.


We also have an Act II in THIS world, don’t we?  As Jesus said, we must be born again.   That happens when we trust Jesus; we change so radically it’s as if we are born again!  We need to experience a spiritual death (to self and sin) to experience new life in Christ.  Then we really live!  And then when we draw our last breath here, we keep on living with God in Heaven. – Something great to celebrate this Sunday!


             God’s best to you today,