Keep Learning

From the Pastor     Keep Learning!  


Keep your ears open, your eyes open, grab everything you can, react, and learn! — Victoria Abril


“Whoever has ears, let him hear” – Jesus, Matthew 13:9

Hearing is one thing; listening is another. Information can be comprehended, but not absorbed, appreciated, or applied. The mind has an uncanny ability to filter reality.  We hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see… thus crippling our development and growth.


Do you see the world as it is, or as you wish it to be?  The older one gets the easier it is to get jaded and stagnant by thinking: “I have seen it all, so there is nothing new to learn.” 


Jesus repeatedly urged his audiences to open their minds to what their ears were hearing.  He accused the Pharisees of being blind; even though their eyeballs were in operating condition, they could not see what God is up to.  Despite all the miracles they saw and hours of teachings they heard from Jesus, his followers often missed the point and lacked understanding.


Today’s world offers access to more information and productive learning opportunities than at any time in human history.  We have no excuse for not grabbing more of life by learning and growing! – Our problem is not our ears, but what is between our ears.  And we can all do something about that… can’t we?


             God’s best to you today,