Energy Leaking Things  

From the Pastor…     Energy Leaking Things  


If you feel sick and tired of how things are in your life, chances are it’s because you’re making yourself sick and tired – by engaging in too many energy leaking things. — Karen Salmansohn

I know people who don’t follow the news, or at least limit the amount of news they take in.  Why?  Because they simply don’t like what they hear or read.  It upsets them, or makes them angry or out of sorts.  That’s understandable, really.  Why ingest disturbing news?


Of course, one needs to stay informed, and keeping up with current events, opinions, commentary, and informative articles is the best way to do that.  I read the newspaper and several magazines, while also following one local and one national news broadcast.  The best way I have found to handle the news is to FILTER IT.  Experience has taught me to know about events but not get riled by them, since many really have no impact on my life and well-being.  My filter is attuned to HYPE, of which there is plenty in the media.  No, I don’t have to get excited about what they think I should.


Beside the media sources of radio, podcasts, TV, and social media, there may be other noisy things in our lives that are “energy leaking.”  What might that be in your life today?  Family drama?  Workplace politics?  Bad neighbors? – Self-reflection helps us uncover what or who is draining energy from our minds and spirits.  Better to let them go, mentally and emotionally.  Or at least park those things in a box and keep them away from the gratefulness for the blessings we own and experience each day.


Salmansohn is right: at the end of the day we make ourselves sick when we allow energy leaking things to leak our energy.



                 God’s energy to you today,