Without disruptions in life, where would we be? — Sarah Gadon

Sunday’s deep snow certainly disrupted the plans of people in our area.  Airline flights were cancelled, road trips were impractical, stores had to close, gatherings were postponed, and schools were closed Monday and Tuesday.  The snow certainly disrupted our Sunday plans at Mount Hermon!  Getting snowed in changes your routine, makes you stop, causes you to adjust your activities. 


Life has its disruptions.  Your plans get derailed.  Things can’t go the way you wish because something gets in the way.  Your dreams get pushed aside by changing circumstances and you resent not being able to carry them through. – Yes, life has its disruptions.


Perhaps with the passing of time you found out that what appeared to be a bad disruption actually ended up moving your life to a happier ending. — Like the young lady who is devastated over being dumped by her boyfriend later finds the true love of her life and is so happy that she didn’t marry that other guy. — Like the guy devastated by a job loss who ends up in a much happier, better paying job than he had before. — Who knows whether a disruption is blessing in disguise?  Time and eternity will tell.


Jesus is a disrupter. He came to throw the world off track because when humanity is left to its own devices, the end is destructive.  When God intervenes, He steers us to the right paths and the world is moved toward His goals of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love… the themes and ideals of the Advent season.  We welcome such disruptions!  Let’s welcome Jesus into our lives each day!


                         God’s best to you,