Dangerous “Isms”

From the Pastor      Dangerous “Isms”


And we know that once we have a majority that are dependent upon the government, we will lose our freedom; it says we go into bondage. That’s the next stage. — Sharron Angle

When it comes to economic/social/political “isms” out there, none are perfect, but some are far more dangerous than others.  If you value freedom and the ability to work hard to provide more for yourself and your family, you value capitalism because it trusts the individual to take care of himself/herself. – If you trust a strong central government to take care of you, count on very high taxes and less control over your life, aka socialism. – If you really enjoy a government that suppresses individual achievement and makes the state supreme while trampling individuals and allowing no room for freedom, well, communism is your ism of choice.


Communism is great, except that it doesn’t work.  No one is motivated to work and produce when the fruits of his/her labor will be taken away.  Socialism is much like it, and the more citizens are dependent on government, the more a nation sinks and stagnates.  Unrestrained capitalism has drawbacks and downsides, too, but the freer the populace is on every level, the more everyone in that nation prospers and thrives.


The 2020 presidential race is ramping up (sigh) and many candidates are advocating very socialist proposals.  It’s not a political statement to say that socialism is destructive and should not be adopted; it’s a philosophical principle worth your attention.  We have enough government bondage in the U.S.; we don’t need more.  As economist Walter Williams often points out: taxes are actually legalized stealing.  And the stealing only gets worse when complacent citizens tolerate it or fall for socialist fantasies.


Laziness and ignorance give credence to socialism and communism.  Healthy capitalism takes work, attention, and diligent participation on the parts of citizens. – This Sunday, we will be asking: have we have lost the Spirit of 1776?  The answer might surprise you.


                          God’s best to you,