Avoiding or Engaging?

From the Pastor… Avoiding or Engaging?

You cannot find peace by avoiding life. — Virginia Woolf

Have you ever been tempted to just get away from it all? You know, live somewhere far away from anyone and everyone, completely disconnected from problems and worries? That’s what hermits and recluses do; they avoid life. While that seems attractive, the downsides are numerous. One misses out on a multitude of blessings.

Jesus doesn’t call his followers to avoid life but to live it to the fullest. We know that Jesus took vacations. You should, too. There are many times in the gospels where Jesus took off and got away from everybody to pray and rest. You should, too. He was one busy man; everyone wanted his time, attention, and energy. And he gave them as much as he could, not avoiding life’s hassles.

Modern life makes it easy for us to escape life by cocooning in our comfortable homes and living detached lives from neighbors and community. Passive inaction is not peace. Working to help others… as messy as that can be… leads to a fulfilling peace of mind and heart.

At the Judgement seat of Christ, he won’t be impressed or pleased when all we can tell him is: “Well, I didn’t hurt anybody.” What he wants to see is how we engaged life by helping those who need help. And there are many ways to do that, aren’t there?
God’s best to you today,