Are You Born Again?

From the Pastor      Are You Born Again?


I’m a born-again Christian, but that’s not the coat that I wear. It’s just how my heart’s been changed. — Tony Vincent

Jesus challenged Nicodemus to be born again (John 3).  The highly-educated Jewish scholar was a bit confused by such talk.  He’s not the only one who didn’t get Jesus’ meaning.  It’s a powerful metaphor for the drastic change that needs to take place in a human life so that it no longer lingers in a state of sin, separation, and destruction.  The change, when made, is so radical, it’s as if one has been born again.


What a blessing to start over!  We have a new mind, a new heart, a new way of understanding reality, a new way of seeing things. – It’s not a smug, self-serving claim to superiority.  It’s a humble recognition that, left on our own, we don’t get it right.  Trusting Christ and living His ways empowers us to get it right… in this life, not just in the life to come.


Jesus talked about dying to the world and dying to self (the ever-selfish, defensive ego). It’s a necessary step to getting where God wants us to be. — I am a born-again Christ-follower.  That’s not a political label.  Mixing faith with political movements always seems to soil and degrade the faith part.


Jesus urges everyone to have this change of heart.  When the heart is right, the head thinks right.  When the heart is right, a person doesn’t steal… doesn’t lie… doesn’t shoot, stab, or abuse another person.  When the heart is right, a person cares, shares, consoles, listens, empathizes, sympathizes, does good, seeks to be honest and fair. – To adapt Tony Vincent’s point: being born-again isn’t a slogan I wear on my hat or T-shirt… it’s the radical change directing my heart toward God and others.



                          God’s best to you,