A Dull Life?

From the Pastor       A Dull Life?  


Dullness is more than a religious issue; it is a cultural issue. Our entire culture has become dull. Dullness is the absence of the light of our souls. Look around. We have lost the sparkle in our eyes, the passion in our marriages, the meaning in our work, the joy of our faith. –Mike Yaconelli

Is your life dull?  If so, why?  Perhaps a grinding routine has lulled you into a person just going through the motions.  Perhaps a general laziness is showing itself as a feeling of dullness.  Perhaps you feel that life is no longer a challenge or has a great purpose. – Does it really have to be that way?  Life is too short to be dull or boring.


Some people you know are energetic and enthusiastic; they are fun to hang around with.  Some groups can get you excited about an activity or a cause.  Some families are full of hub-bub and best described as “never a dull moment.” – What purposes stir your passion?  What in life do you find interesting?  There are a billion possibilities.  If we haven’t found something engaging, it’s because we haven’t looked for it.  If you expect it to come your way on its own, you will be waiting a LONG time.


Is God dull?  Look at the dynamic Universe God created; it’s amazing!  Look at the diversity of life on all levels: plants, animals, humans.  Look at the freedom of existence where very bad things can happen along with marvelously good things every day! – When you face your Creator in the next life, don’t be dumb enough to ask Him why He created a dull world; He will reply, “Hey, don’t look at me; you created your own world of dullness.”


God is not dead, and God is not dull; on that you can bet the bank.  Following Jesus was not dull for his first disciples and it should not be dull for the ones he has today.  He is the God who is making all things new (Revelation 21:5). – Believe it!  It’s time to wake up to what God is doing… today… here… now!



                          God’s best to you,