2020 Is Here!

From the Pastor…       2020 Is Here!


First, let me thank you for all the Christmas cards, greetings, and gifts you sent to Debbie and me. We appreciate your love and kindness. I hope it was a fun, special Christmas season for you and your family.


As we enter a new year, let’s do it seeking 20-20 vision as we understand better the kingdom of God and what God would have us to do and be in the year 2020.  First, we adjust to writing a new date on checks, correspondence, and documents.  And we adjust to life’s changing circumstances.  Things rarely stay as they are.  What will 2020 bring?  Family situations change, we experience gains and losses, elections are looming, and who knows what else.


Are we ready? The best way to prepare is to have a close relationship with God built on faith, trust, and hope.  God is good and wants good things for His children.  Life can be rough and brutal, but God is always there to help, sustain, and encourage.  Such confidence can keep us from sliding into despair or depression.  In the end, God’s goodness will prevail.  We know the kingdom will come.  Christ will win and everyone will know it!



                 Happy New Year to you and yours,