Key Values

Key Values Important to Us

Our Mission:
MHBC: A loving community empowered by Christ
to serve God’s purposes and the needs of others

Our Vision:

  • We envision Mount Hermon Baptist Church as a growing network of Christian friends who share the good news of Christ in ways that help others connect strongly with Him.
  • We will provide Bible-based learning and creative, relevant ministries to enhance the spiritual formation of children, youth, and adults in order to equip them to serve.
  • We will reach out in warm, positive ways so that this body of Christ will be healthy and strong to carry out God’s mission.


  • That we honor, serve and worship God

  • Christ-centered living, as individuals and as a church

  • Biblical purposes and perspectives

  • Maintaining genuineness and integrity

  • Caring, warm, affirming connections

  • The priesthood (involvement and leadership) of all believers

  • Keeping faith relevant for living today

  • Serving each other and our community

  • Supporting and doing missions

  • Maintaining meaningful connections to other bodies of believers

  • Being progressive and positive