February 17, 2019 – 10:30 am                                    


Call to Worship          Stand In Your Love        Dana Heath

Scripture & Prayer         Psalm 68:3-4,19           Becky Dix

* Praise Songs 231 Come, Christians, Join to Sing, vv.1-2

441 Since Jesus Came Into My Heart, vv.1-2

* Complete Joy in Christ                                        John 15:11

* 430 Sunshine In My Soul, v.1

Victory in Jesus, chorus

* Greeting Each Other

Church Highlights

The Formula for Happiness

God’s Word               Luke 6:17-26


* Offering Hymn 607 Something for Thee, vv.1,3-4

* Offering Statement & Prayer                            Becky Dix

I Know                                Choir with Ron Hatcher, soloist

   Okay, What Will Make You Happy?          Lee Ellison

* Commitment Song 439, vv.1-3

O Happy Day That Fixed My Choice

* Parting Blessing

* Parting Song 298 I’ll Live For Him, chorus