Prayers appreciated for…

Medical workers and first responders as they work on the frontlines of dealing with the needs of many people affected by the coronavirus. 

Note from Linda Meyerhoeffer:

The other day, I awoke at 5:30 with this amazing calmness.  Since November 2019, I have been to one doctor after another and then specialists for lots of tests, two benign biopsies, and most recently a surgery.  In December I heard the word cancer casually mentioned.  On March 30, I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Randal West, specializing in Gynecologic/Oncology, and a cancer diagnosis was confirmed.  So, this calmness I’m feeling this morning is God’s protection covering me and for this I am thankful and blessed.

Another surgery is scheduled for April 30 and I would like to ask for your prayers for my family and me during surgery and recovery.

I do know God has a plan for me and my hope is to stay on His path.  Some days will be bright and sunny and some days may seem dark and hopeless and I pray that this calmness I’m experiencing today will carry me to my ultimate goal; beating this diagnosis, continuing my work for Him, and staying here as long as I am able to be with my family and friends.

Peace to all of you my friends and in the meantime, I find comfort knowing I am surrounded by your love and prayers.  Stay safe and healthy in this time of uncertainty and this too shall pass.